Meaning of Excited

Meaning of Excited


(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

Example 1:“he would become excited over nothing at all”

In an aroused state

Marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

Example 2:“a crowd of excited baseball fans”

(of e.g. a molecule) made reactive or more reactive


Arouse or elicit a feeling

Act as a stimulant

Example 3:“The book excited her imagination”

Arouse feelings in

Example 4:“excite the audience”

Cause to be agitated, excited, or roused

Stimulate sexually

Example 5:“This movie usually excites the male audience”

Excite the feelings or emotions of; disturb the peace of

Example 6:“These stories excited the community”

Raise to a higher energy level

Example 7:“excite the atoms”

Produce a magnetic field in

Example8:”excite the neurons”

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